With each quarterly volume, Explorer is continually being expanded according to client feedback, at no additional fee. Such additions in the past included expansion of Explorer’s scope to cover new markets – such as the countries of North Africa, Middle East, or the Black Sea region – or entire segments, such as crude oil refining in Europe.


In the upcoming January 2017 volume, Explorer will introduce coverage of key eastern markets of Russia and Central Asia, such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

Russia, world’s largest natural exporter and one of world’s top oil producers, is a key oil & gas source for both European and Asian markets. Despite finding itself in a tight spot, with economic sanctions, massive Siberian fields, in production since 70s, decreasing in production, and low oil prices, Russia remains an active market, reaching to unlock new resources, whether on the Arctic frontier, or unconventional basins, offering dozens of commercial opportunities:

  • Mass-scale Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects
  • Pioneer Arctic exploration projects
  • Ongoing development of new unconventional hydrocarbon extraction techniques
  • Supply and maintenance for massive Soviet-era oilfields
  • Global and regional scale pipeline projects

Explorer will help you cross the language barrier and seize commercial opportunities on basis of its region-by-region coverage of Russia’s oil & gas industry.